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We understand that your business has unique needs, because we are a full service payment and transaction provider, it’s important for us to ensure we match the right services with the unique needs of your business. We aim to help merchants like you transact payments securely, quickly and efficiently.

We are committed to deliver the tools and connectivity you need to remain competitive. We strive to be your one-stop-shop merchant provider with the highest standard of excellence.

 The Cyndkt is an Agent and Distributor for Global Merchant Innovations (GMI), a company that was established with you in mind. An elite team of brilliant executive leaders, from a highly recognized financial services marketing company, came together and decided behind a closed door meeting that the vast majority of businesses today are getting ripped off!

The result was an international company designed to help businesses operate at peak efficiency, by providing them with cutting edge, simple to use tools to expand productivity, better than any Harvard Business School Graduate ever could.


 The combined leadership experience, strengths and relationships of our executive team, over the last 16 years has accumulated such a wealth of insider information your business will be supercharged to humiliate your competition.

The Vision: To be the preferred company for merchant services, employment, and investments.

The Mission: To provide world-class solutions in merchant services and attract business relationships that will inspire all.